Couples and Relationship Therapy

​Let’s be honest, being in a relationship is hard. It isn’t uncommon to experience challenges, and when they arise, it can be really difficult to decide what the next step is. I see my role in couples and relationship therapy as a person to sit with you, where you are in the moment and help guide the way in mending the broken pieces of your relationship. I often have couples come to me that have been married for an extended time, trying to determine if they want to save their relationship. This can be one of the hardest decisions anyone makes in their life, and you deserve to make it in the most supportive, non-judgmental environment possible. Some of my areas of specialty include working with couples in transition, relationship discernment, couples navigating different parenting styles, blended families, infidelity, and couples who experience challenges in financial, parenting, or sexual differences.

How do I know if couples therapy is right for me?

If you are experiencing challenges in your relationship, you may want to consider relationship therapy. This can be scary, and you may wonder if you are a good fit. It is certainly vulnerable to attend couples therapy and express/hear some of the challenging aspects in your relationship, but this is what makes couples therapy so healing! Some couples also choose to attend couples therapy as a reminder of many aspects of their relationship that are going well. Regardless of where you feel you are in your relationship, I can assure you that as difficult as the journey may be, the destination is well worth it.

What should I expect in couples therapy?

My primary goal for you and your partner in couples or relationship therapy is to express some of the biggest challenges you have, find constructive ways to communicate about these challenges, and heal the connection that you and your partner likely once had. If you are in need of creating a new connection, we will take the time to explore what your past connections have looked like with your family of origin, your friends or other important relationships. Couples therapy may not always feel like fun, but over time it will be healing. As is the theme for all of the therapy work I do, ensuring a positive connection is a primary end goal.