Life Transitions

Vancouver Counselor to walk with you in your Life Transitions.

Life can throw a curve ball or two and sometimes it can just be too much to manage on your own. I offer therapy that focuses on all the twists and turns that you may have experienced recently. For some this looks like beginning parenthood, job changes, divorce, moving, career changes, aging parents, and more. What sometimes starts our as a fun, enjoyable, exciting change in life, leads to a confusing and sad experience. Others don’t choose the changes in life. Some may have experienced a loved one passing away or an affair or ending of a long term marriage. The unexpected can be more difficult to manage in many ways. All of this leads back to being ready to engage in life transition counseling.

Counseling for life transitions is meant to be a supportive space to traverse the complications that life has thrown your way. It allows for time and space to process your thoughts, grieve the aspects that were unplanned or disappointing and find solution oriented pathways to move forward. If you are feeling confused and stuck, we can work together to move through the confusion to clarity, to increase awareness of your desired outcome and lend ways to manage the difficulty on traveling the path. You are not alone!

What to expect in Life Transition counseling?
Most clients say that by the time they have made the call to begin counseling, they are so overwhelmed and confused by what’s happening in their lives. Many feel at their wits end, exhausted, depressed and anxious. One thing we can probably all agree on is that life is messy, complicated and not what we imagined it to be. When you are in counseling to better understand how to deal with all the mess in life, you will be welcomed into a supportive environment in which you can let it all out. You can say all the things in your head, you can express all your true feelings, and at the end you can feel like you can get some clarity in what to do next.

How do I know if I am ready for life transitioning?
It can be tempting to start life transitioning counseling as soon as life goes awry. And while this may work for some people, it doesn’t work for everyone. As a Vancouver counselor, I suggest to seek out life transition counseling to assist you in your journey.  We can only pre-plan so much, so for most people it use most useful to attend counseling after some of the life factors have changed for you. It becomes more clear, and often gives insight into what comes next.