Outside the Box Therapy: What does it mean and what can you expect?

We advertise on our counseling website as “Outside the box” mental health therapy. This is something that I believe strongly in professionally and personally. The common Dr. Seuss quote, “Why fit in when you can stand out” fits within this idea. But what can you really expect from this notion? What do we mean when we say this? Let’s go back in time.

Before I started graduate school for my masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I thought I knew and understood what kind of therapist I wanted to be.  I knew I could create warm, caring relationships, and I knew I could be an active listener. I thought this was all I needed to be a great therapist. And while both of these are so important in the therapy relationship, I realized I did not want to be the therapist that is so often depicted in movies. I don’t want to sit and nod my head as my clients cry on the sofa. I wanted to be different, be dynamic, and find alternative ways to create change and healing for my clients. And so begin my process of what I coin outside the box or fringe therapy.

So what can you expect from me in counseling? You can expect me to be an active participating the counseling. I will listen, I will truly hear you, and I will also dialogue to create deeper understanding for you. I may interrupt you (especially if I am working you couples or relationships) I don’t want you to spend your money to come to my office and re-create the same patterns that happen at home each day/week.  You can expect to try new things. I will often suggest to make small, but significant changes in your week after our sessions.  I am direct, you can expect me to be honest.  This isn’t simply for the sake of honesty, this is allowing us to create a truly genuine therapeutic experience that doesn’t impede change.

My area of specialty in sex therapy has led to a passion (Pun intended) Each day I see clients that struggle intense shame, feeling like they stick out and are unable to move in the world and create friendships and relationships based on sex related factors in their life. I stand here, saying, stop trying to fit in. Allow yourself to be proud for all that you are, and allow me to hear your shame, and keep it for you. Whether you have fantasies, kink, poly or open relationships I am here to tell you, you matter!

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