Searching for a Vancouver therapist but not 100% sure if you’re ready for counseling? Read on!

Am I ready for sex therapy?

Sex therapy can be anxiety provoking. Who wants to go share their deepest secrets or most embarrassing challenges, right? Well, you are certainly not alone in feeling that way. And with our warm, non-judgmental approach you will feel at ease quickly. You might be ready for sex therapy if you are tired of feeling alone or isolated, experience anxiety when thinking about your challenge or talking to your partner(s) about it. You might be ready for sex therapy if you feel confused if what you experience is typical for others, or if you want to change a compulsive behavior such as porn or sex addiction. Thrive Relational Therapy is one of the only sex-positive Vancouver therapists, and it’s our goal to provide a relaxed non-judgmental space for discussion. If you have more questions and don’t know if you are ready, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Am I ready for family therapy?

Family Therapy is a unique perspective where we can actually see the dynamics in a family system and adjust them on the spot. As a trained systemic therapist, we always understand and use a whole system approach with any client, but with family counseling you will find direct healing in each session. Imagine having the ability for your parent to truly hear what you are saying? Imagine as a parent, hearing and having the opportunity to validate your teen’s feelings. Counseling as a family is a whole system, and a collaborative approach that will allow growth and healing for every member of the family. You may be ready for family therapy if you are at a loss as to how to manage conflict or confusion with your family, if you feel unheard or unvalidated, if you have a difficult time talking with your parents or teens, and if you are ready for multiple family members to make changes.

How do I know if you are the right therapist?

In your search for a Vancouver therapist, you’ll come across many professionals who might be a good fit. How do you know who is right.

Is it too cliche to say, “You will just feel it” or “it will feel right”? Maybe so, but it is also true. There are many therapists in the Vancouver community, undoubtedly there is a right one for you. It is so important to read their profile, talk with them on the phone, and look to see if they work with what you need to talk most about.

By nature in counseling, each client is held with the upmost respect and confidentiality. Therefore, you may not know if your friends or family members attend therapy, as therapists can’t be reviewed, like other professionals. It can make finding the right therapist more difficult for you, so take your time and be sure to reach out to us. Our job is to make sure you are right where you need to be, so we will always be honest with you if we believe someone else in the community can serve you better. You are our priority. If you have further questions, please visit my FAQ page.

Know You’re Ready?

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