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Brandy Buckner LMFTA

Do you and your partner speak two different languages?

Would things be easier if you had someone to translate?

Often, as a relationship progresses, people find that they’ve lost the passion that initially made their relationship exciting. This spark can be brought back. Sometimes all it takes is a road map from an encouraging guide outside the relationship. I frequently hear that couples feel they speak two different languages. Would things be easier if you had someone to translate? I keep an unbiased, direct and gentle approach so that you can feel open to sharing, without judgment, your needs and desires to one another and improve understanding and intimacy. 
I take an open and diverse approach to therapy that fits your needs and focuses on you taking the lead in your lives. Ultimately, I aim to help you learn more about each other to acquire healthy problem-solving skills and a satisfying relationship. I believe that we all want to connect with someone and allow others to see who we really are. I believe that passion should span the lifetime of the relationship and life transitions. I create a safe space where you feel you can be open, honest and uninhibited when expressing your feelings, needs and desires.
Brandy Buckner LMFTA
Pronouns: she/her/hers

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