Sex Education Classes and Workshops

Infidelity coaching that WORKS. I offer a 8-10 week coaching program for those wanting to move through infidelity repair and access their new best relationship. This is NOT therapy, this is for those that are motivated to create change and build a better, stronger, more empowered relationship post affair discovery.

Sex Education workshop for parents of teens

How do you talk to your teen about sex and intimacy. How to you explain consent?

Appropriate touch? Safety?

And understand the gravity of sex in relationships?

If you are struggling with these questions, you are not alone. And while there are resources out there, it is unlikely you have been offered any guidance for your family specifically in walking through this difficult time.

I offer single workshops for parents of teens (age 12-18) on methods to use to talk to them, education on developmental age appropriateness, ways to understand your teens needs, and how to safely explore your own questions about what to expect as a parent.

Classes are kept small so each family has the ability to ask personalized questions and cater to their needs. Cost is $100 for one three hour class.

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Workshops and education for the adult exploring their sexual interest for the first time

In the counseling work I do with individuals or couples, I often find that adults have little to no opportunity to explore their own sexual interest prior to coupling or partnering in relationships.

This often leads to dissatisfied sexual encounters for many years, sometimes resulting in infidelity, or loss of relationships.  I offer a safe space to explore your own sexual interests with a group of like minded adults that wish to better understand themselves as a sexual being, understand their own desires, and gain confidence in learning how to meet their own sexual needs individually or in relationships.

This is a on going group that is offered 2 times per month with a monthly cost of $100 .

The class is capped at no more than 10 people at a time to ensure everyone has the opportunity to share and explore their own sexual needs.

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