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My office offers sex, couples, and individual adult therapy in Vancouver, Washington. It is a comfortable location to talk about your goals and challenges. Contact me using the form below, or give me a call using the phone icon in the sidebar.

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver Washington, Thrive Relational Therapy a warm, welcoming, private space for you to share your challenges.  The Providence Academy building has  easy access from both I-5 and Highway 14, my office is surrounded by great restaurants and coffee spots. There is free visitor parking on site, and is private. Of all the locations offering infidelitycouples, sex or adult therapy in Vancouver, you won’t find a better location to safely share your thoughts.

Office Address:
400 East Evergreen Blvd, Suite 205
Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone:   (360) 450-2327

Monday: 9am-8pm
Tuesday: 9am-8pm
Wednesday: 9am-12pm 
Friday 10am-2pm


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