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Marissa Talarico, MA, LMFT

I’m Marissa Talarico, a sex positive therapist who believes in the power of human connections.   I strive to create a caring, non-judgmental environment where everyone feels comfortable to express themselves. I have found that using a straightforward approach helps many couples, and individuals, identify their greatest challenge, and gain the courage to find alternative strategies to move past it. My experience has taught me that my straight forward approach demonstrates care and depth in my personal and professional relationships.I view the therapeutic process through a systemic lens. For you as a client this means that I will consider all of the context of your life in our sessions. While you may be seeking therapy for couples counseling, we will also dive into family of origin, work stress, societal pressure, expectations etc. This helps us gain greater understanding  of ourselves, our motivations and how to move into a better future.  While I strive to help you find your ideal balance in life, I also understand we often don’t have only one important thing to talk about.We all seek counseling for different reasons. And we are all in different places in life, so comparing yourself to friends or family may not be effective. I work most commonly with individuals, or relationships that are experiencing difficulty in sex or intimacy, working through affair recovery, working to open up a polyamorous or open relationship, or struggle to find their ideal relationship balance. It may be a relationship transition, difficulty with sex or intimacy, or the recent disclosure of infidelity. Regardless of the reason that brought you to counseling, I strive to walk with you, hear your pain, and build connections in your life to help you thrive!I believe that all people thrive on connections. Each of us deserves a safe place to speak what’s on our mind and work through challenges that life may present. I offer a truly non-judgmental place to process your most hidden turmoil. It is my goal in therapy to not only offer direct feedback related to your challenges, but also build a core healthy therapeutic relationship in which you feel safe to explore the deepest part of yourself.I often see folks struggling with relationships, sexual or intimacy issues, relationship transitions, or anxiety around life circumstances. I believe that through increased connections and utilizing our inner strength while deepening emotional connection each of us can walk out of these challenges to a fulfilling life.It is my goal to allow our therapeutic relationship to be the safe foundation of change for you. I offer a warm, validating, direct stance to challenge when necessary and hold a safe space when connection is needed. I believe therapy is a collaborative process, and will work with you on your journey of happiness and healing.

I hold a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a focus on sex therapy from Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon. I currently practice in Vancouver, Washington. I have many previous years of experience working in the healthcare field, and working in social work (case management) for folks with severe mental health disorders and traumatic brain injuries. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. I have continued training in evidenced-based relationship models such as Gottman Method, as well as the Relational model. Aside from my therapeutic work, I hold many other roles. I am a mother, a business owner,  a friend, and an introvert. I love spending time with my family, being outdoors in nature, reading, and spending time with friends.

I believe in the power of human connections. Let me help you find strategies to move past whatever challange is blocking your path.

– Marissa Talarico

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