Are you a new mom, or do you know a new mom who may be looking for a group to learn and connect with fellow new moms?

Support and connection for moms are incredibly important, but often limited. Thus, we are excited to offer Moms Groups! These psychoeducational and support groups provide opportunities for community resource and information exchange, peer support, friendship, and playdates as well. Pregnant moms, new moms, and 2nd/3rd-time moms from ANY location are welcome!

  • Virtual groups (children are welcome too):
    Day/time: Thursdays 1:30pm-3pm (1.5 hours long)
    Location: Zoom
    Cost: $19 per session
  • Outdoor, in-person groups (children are welcome too):
    Day/time: TBD (1.5 hours long)
    Location: Public park in the Vancouver area (location will be emailed out)
    Cost: $19 per session
    • Each mom can sign up for 1 free trial class (virtual only)
      * Private pay only, we do not accept insurance
    • Moms may attend on a drop-in basis, and attend more than one group per week
    • Additional groups days/times may be created according to demand

About the group facilitator:

The groups will be facilitated by Lilee Karwoski, MA, LMFTA. Lilee has a B.S. in Psychology and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University, and is passionate about helping moms navigate new motherhood. Lilee’s inspiration came when she became a mom for the first time (and second time) to her two daughters. She felt fortunate to find and attend a new moms group at her local hospital, where it provided her with invaluable knowledge, confidence, and social support. It was also one of the first places she felt safe bringing her loudly crying baby, and it helped her feel less isolated during a time when she did not have many friends or family around for support. That group was loved by many other moms as well, but it has since closed down, and there are not many other new moms groups anywhere at this time. And so, Lilee hopes to create a meaningful experience and resource for new moms here in Clark County and the Portland area, and the greater community as a whole.

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