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What are the 3 biggest predictors of divorce?

Children, infidelity and financial disagreements. How many times have we heard arguments that are related to finances. How do we spend? Who gets what? How do we save? Do we have the same financial goals? Money speaks. And while it is true that money doesn’t create happiness, the absence of money or stress related to finances can certainly add to lack of marital or relationship satisfaction or overall life satisfaction.
Financial Therapy can be helpful if money stress, or differences in relation to money has gotten in the way of your relationship. Financial therapy can help go over the nuts and bolts of your personal situation, while also gaining a deeper insight into why money is such a HUGE deal for us all. What does having money or not having money mean to you? Why do you feel stress or triggers related to money differently?

Do you know how to identify what your values and beliefs around finances are? What does wealth mean to you?

Do you and your partner define wealth in the same way?  For some the beliefs and understanding around finances is deep, related largely to their family of origin, what they were taught about money management (or not taught) and how to communicate that to their partner. This becomes even more complex when you partner has vastly different understanding or experience with these factors. Privilege and opportunity can be hard to talk about, especially related to money. Shame is a common experience around spending or savings habits.

Financial therapy can help.

Financial therapy allows for individuals or couples or families to identify their beliefs, and make incremental changes to grow in the financial direction they wish to. Financial therapy is different than working with a wealth advisor as there isn’t specific advice given or assistance related to investing or retirement. Instead, it’s a practical method to combine understanding what is stopping you from being in the financial position you want to be in both emotionally and financially.
Our financial situation can change drastically like the drop of a hat. Sometimes we have a poor understanding from the beginning of how to manage and talk about finances. And this is not for lack of wanting to do something different. Other times a job loss, a dip in the economy, health concerns or death can impact families and relationships in unexpected ways. Financial therapy offers a whole, person centered approach that combines understanding one’s beliefs and values around money and wealth, and how to make your life look the way you financially dreamed it to.

Are you ready for financially therapy?

While I may be a bit biased, I believe everyone can benefit from financially therapy. Folks who are entering into long term relationships, relationships that are coming to an end, and everywhere in between. Do finances cause great concern in your relationship? Is financial therapy right for you? Call today to set up a appointment for financial therapy.