Affair Recovery – Healing from Infidelity

Do you suspect your spouse or partner is having or has had an affair? Or has it recently been disclosed that an affair has happened? This can be one of the most trying and emotionally painful times in a individual or couples lives. Many people have swirling thoughts, confusion, anger, and find themselves feeling very anxious. If any of this sounds like you, I can offer infidelity counseling. I am here to help.

In an infidelity counseling session, I work with couples to first determine where they are at. This means I will walk with you to allow for you to process your hurt while asking you pointed questions to better gain understanding on if you wish to stay in the relationship. Betrayal is complicated, and while there isn’t always a cut-and-dry reason as to why an affair has happened, I will work to help gain understanding for you and your spouse to answer the “why” question. I don’t ever have an agenda in my infidelity counseling or affair recovery sessions. I don’t come from the lens that all relationships are salvageable nor do I believe relationships should stay together at all cost. I also have seen many couples not only stay together, but feel stronger and happier after affair recovery. My goal for our infidelity counseling work is to meet you where you are at, and walk with you on your journey.

It’s not easy to start any counseling services, it may feel anxiety provoking, shameful or embarrassing to seek out counseling and disclose cheating. I can assure you, when it comes to affairs, it’s much harder to do nothing than to seek out counseling.